Example of syntax highlighting with Hugo

Posted on Dec 7, 2022

Using markdown to highlight code

The following code is a fragment of the communication between R and a Python library, using the reticulate package. To have the code highlighted, the text must be surrounded by triple simple quotes “`” followed by the name of the language, “R” in this case. The example shows how the model for a series of first-order kinetic transformations can be described in the Antimony language used by the tellurium program:


te <- import("tellurium", as="te", convert=T)
np <- import("numpy", as="np", convert=T)

temodel_string <- c("
    model rnadeg1
        $T -> PA1; kS*T
        PA1 -> PA2; kA*PA1
        PA1 -> ; kD*PA1
        PA2 -> PA3; kA*PA2
        PA2 -> ; kD*PA2
        PA3 -> ; kD*PA3

        PA1 = 0
        PA2 = 0
        PA3 = 0
        kS = 0.5
        kA = 0.1
        kD = 0.5
rt <- te$loada(temodel_string)
# this is the tellurium model that we can manipulate
nbpoints <- as.integer(10)